Flower Child Blooms at Hope Farms

Recipe for Success
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bluedress-87.jpgIf you have visited Hope Farms lately, you may have seen a sweet little white studio rising in the midst of a field of flowers. Say hello to Flower Child Urban Flower Farm & Studio, our first Hope Farms agricultural tennant. This is what I did on my "COVID vacation"--start a flower farm. My goal is to provide a eco-friendly flower source for Houstonians that will have a positive carbon footprint and complement our work at Hope Farms.

While not officially a program of Recipe for Success, everything about Flower Child benefits the Foundation. In direct ways, like paying rent and commisions and contributing inkind products for Foundation use, to indirect ways like creating an ocean of pollinator-favorite flowers in the midst of our veggie growing fields to support the bees and butterflies so critical to our horticultural operation.

Every sale also benefits the Foundation and there are several ways you can take advantage of this new opportunity to support our work. Flower Child Field Bouquets are available at the weekly Hope Farms markets on Saturdays and Wednesdays; via the Hope Farm Virtual Farm Store, you can subscribe to regular deliveries of flowers each week, month or season; and you will see our Flower Child creations at all of Hope Farms events. While not a traditional flower shop where one can order flowers on a whim, Flower Child will offer special arrangements for advance orders on special holidays like Valentines and Mothers Day.

And keep an eye our for Bubbles and Blooms, occasional flower arranging classes--the first coming up in October. For more information see flowerchild.love

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