farmers marKIDS

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Using our free, kid-tested farmers marKIDS toolkit's five lesson plans, facilitators can help children develop financial savvy, entrepreneurial skills and business experience while they make fresh produce easily accessible to their neighbors.

Educators, parents and community groups can use our lessons to prepare kids to operate their very own small business. The curriculum culminates in a farmers marKIDS stand, where students can apply the skills and concepts they've learned to sell fresh produce grown in their school, community and home gardens.

Our farmers marKIDS downloadable toolkit guides children's efforts in harvesting and pricing produce, promoting, advertising and operating their farmers marKIDS stand anytime of the year. But we hope that you will join in the biannual celebration of farmers marKIDS days by opening your seasonal stand in October or April (or both.)

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Many thanks to our farmers marKIDS sponsors: Wells Fargo, Cameron, Target, The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation and The Enrico and Sandra di Portanova Charitable Foundation.