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Eat It! Food Adventures with Marco Polo, by Gracie Cavnar

Our cookbook & adventure story for kids aged 7-11 is the perfect gift or teaching tool.  Read more and order your copy.  



Enter our 2014 Earth Day Haiku Contest!Haikus_EarthDay_logo.png

Here our winners from the 2nd Annual Garden Haikus for Earth Day Contest!  We had hundreds of submissions, but we were able to narrow it down to one winner per category.

2013 Winners

Seeds Category:
         "Beautiful striped bees
         pollinating blue flowers,
         in the huge rock bed
Josue Guzman, Rodriguez Elementary
Sprouts Category
        "Green spouts all around,
        head to toe how fast they grow,
        ground to bowl they'll go
Connor Dengel, Klein High School
Blooms Category
         "Fresh food from the Earth
         nourish your mind, body, soul
         happiness, wellness" 
Kelly Richards


Rich Levy, Executive Director of Inprint and Best Poet of 2011 by the Houston Press described Josue Guzman's haiku as "a vivd image, perfectly comfortable in the 5-7-5 form, and in its quiet way it's about the cycle of life---animal life, plant life, and the Earth, where it all ends up."

Congrats to all of our Garden Haikus for Earth Day Contest winners! 


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