Chronicle Loves Farm Supper

James Brock
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Thumbnail image for Heirloom Green Tiger Tomatoes await guests at Chefs in the Field Tomato Tribute at Hope Farms.jpgThe Houston Chronicle's Amber Elliott knows a thing or two about great social events, and she was positively glowing at Chef's in the Field: A Tomato Tribute, which took place on June 24 at Hope Farms. "I seriouly dreamt about that dinner all night," she gushed. From the heirloom tomatoes and bespoke cocktail, to the culinary creations of chefs Alyssa Dole, Wayne Nguyen and Martin Stayer -- including the Umami Bomb and charred-tomato panna cotta -- the evening was a giant success, and raised nearly $10,000 for the foundation's programs. Read Elliott's story here.

Guests at table at Chefs in the Field at Hope Farms Tomato Tribute.jpg

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