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Gracie Cavnar
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thumbs up.jpgIn an effort to connect our partners and fans with current research, strategies, successful programs and trends focused on combattng obesity, healthy eating and food access issues, we have assembled this weeks news stories from around the world. . . .

A New York Times story on November 13, showcases a group of Head Start kids in East Harlem who benefit from the collaboration of the Children's Museum of Manhattan and the National Institute of Health.  Eat Play Grow is designed expressly for kids under five and offers interactive displays, art, storytime and music complemented by parent nutrition classes.  Amenities at the Museum like plastic fruit, letter tiles featuring food and interactive games have been replicated in the community center that hosts this weekly class.  Read the entire story here.  In 2010 when we learned that obesity numbers were on the rise in 5 year olds, Recipe for Success designed programs for pre-school children as young as 3.  We also started neo-natal classes for moms and parent-child classes for families.  We agree that it is never too early to build healthy habits.

Guidelines for obesity counseling and care were released this week by a group of medical associations that include the American College of Cardiology, the Obesity Society and the American Heart Association.  Read the AP story here.  We say, "It's about time!"  Physicians are often the first place a family turns for advice and support to deal with their overweight child, but historically the family doctor or pediatrician is the least prepared to provide it.  In 2012, with the guidance of board member Dr. Melanie Mencer Parks, Recipe for Success Foundation launched a Healthcare Provider Committee tasked with creating educational tools and programs for Houston's medical community.  In 2012, we began teaching Baylor Medical Students how to cook and the Committee has plenty of other ideas and plans up their sleeves.  Now, our initiative seems to have the support and validation of the entire medical profession.

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