Will Isbell's Carrot Rainbow

Jenna White
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Will Isbell Carrots-closeup.jpgImagine our thrill and bewilderment when veteran Recipe for Success volunteer Will Isbell entered RecipeHouse with not one, but THREE boxes overflowing with beautiful carrots.

The rainbow of varietals came from the AgriLife Extension Center and are part of a research trial to evaluate 20 different varieties of carrots grown in AgriLife's vegetable research garden. A taste test was performed on the carrots after they were harvested and the juice from each variety was measured for sweetness.

After all testing is complete, they will publish the results in an effort to update our area's vegetable variety planting recommendations. All of this is to further Agrilife's mission to improve the lives of people, businesses, and communities across Texas and beyond through high-quality, relevant education. 

Will Isbell Carrots-Sliced.jpgWill is quite familiar with Recipe for Success' similar efforts to educate kids about food. He has been a volunteer with us for about four years and is active in Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ gardening classes and garden builds, and has led special insect education presentations for our schools and during Eat This! Summer Camp™.

So thanks, Will, for sharing these lovely carrots, which ended up in the eager hands of students at MacGregor, Briscoe, and Rodriguez elementary schools!

Did we get you craving a carrot-forward recipe? Hope so! Watch Chef Kendall to learn how to create our bright and tasty Rainbow Slaw.

Will Isbell Carrots-SLIDER.jpg

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