A Message from the Gardens

Gracie Cavnar
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The MacGregor Elementary School garden has made amazing transformations in just a matter of a month.  I drew four garden designs, focusing on beds for each grade level and after school classes.  After some design advice from Gracie Cavnar and Brad Stufflebeam, who  owns and operates Home Sweet Farm and is president of TOFGA, the “Sun and Moon” design was approved for the garden by Dr. Patricia Allen, principal of MacGregor.

Board Member Glen Boudreaux of Jolie Vue Farms contacted Jimmy Gibson, of Gibson Landscaping Company, to scrape off the existing grass and level the area with sand.  Mr. Gibson generously donated his company’s time and equipment for this invaluable service.  Garden beds were staked, and on June 8th, 100 volunteers from PriceWaterhouseCoopers built the 19 raised beds. 

Now we are in the process of laying irrigation to each bed.  The next PWC volunteer work day is June 22nd.  Come and join us as we finish up-- filling the beds with soil and laying sod in the pathways.  During the school year, the students will beautify the garden with art, a sundial, and benches—and of course plant our first seeds.  It’s been incredible to watch it all come together. 

Thank you to the GLC crew, PWC volunteers, and RFS staff and board. It wouldn’t be possible without you!

Sharon Siehl
Recipe Gardens Coordinator

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