Are You Interested in Bringing Our
Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ to Your School?


Recipe for Success programming has been enthusiastically received since its Houston launch in 2005. Hundreds of schools from coast to coast have approached us about bringing our programs to their campuses. Now we can say YES!

In Houston and Nationwide
With 17% of the children in the United States labeled as obese and millions more seriously overweight, it's time to get past the hand wringing and act. Research points to the need for early instruction to modify behavior, but many concerned parents, teachers and schools don't know where to start. It takes money and time to build a truly effective nutrition education program. Don't re-invent the wheel! Now schools can easily and inexpensively implement our innovative, proven-effective, award winning curriculum.

For campuses anywhere in the country (including Houston), Recipe for Success Foundation is now offering Licensed Affiliate Partnerships.

Schools and community groups can now sign up to become Recipe for Success Affiliate Partners and send two or more employees or volunteers through the online S2P Instructor training program to become certified and teach our Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ curriculum. All certified S2P Instructors of licensed RFS Affiliate Partners enjoy direct support from the Recipe for Success Home Team with extensive online curriculum, support materials and suggested lesson plans, access to garden and culinary experts, a forum to share best practices with fellow S2P Instructors, regular webinars and class podcasts. To learn more, read the S2P brochure offered above as well as this supplemental information: Affiliate.pdf

To begin the application process for becoming a Recipe for Success Affiliate Partner, please complete this form.