Amy Anton
Owner, Kitchen Underground

Amy Anton.jpgBeyond her three beautiful boys, and husband, Drew, Amy's favorite things in life are food and travel. Houston native, Amy went to St. John's School and received her degree in journalism at Washington & Lee University before returning to secure her MBA from Rice University in 1999.

Food is her passion and Amy loves to cook. After having her children, she realized how important good nutrition is as well as the importance of the family table. In the spirit of passing on family traditions and healthy eating, she has taught her boys the art of cooking since they could stand at the counter.

Her family has long been engaged in philanthropy and community service in Houston and set a high bar example of the importance of giving back. Amy maintains a position on the Boards of the Nature Conservancy and the Friends of Child Advocates for which she served as President in 2005. With her children now attending her own alma mater, she has also become a very active volunteer in their school.

In December 2008, Amy published first children's picture book, "Ina the Octopus" about a young octopus who helps a diver bring artifacts up from the bottom of the sea so they can be put in a museum. The proceeds from her book go to the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

Amy joined the Recipe for Success Board at its inception. She has hosted Pizza Parties, Co-chaired the 2007 We're cooking Now! A Gala in Small Bites, and volunteers her time each month at MacGregor Elementary School for Chefs in Schools.