KIPP Shine

S2P Team Leader: Kendall Moister

RFS Programming began - September 2010

Team Nutrition Leader / Program Liason :Melissa Lubenau, 2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Number of Children Served Each Month:
125 2nd grade students receive monthly classes in the Recipe Garden and also participate in monthly Chefs in SchoolsTM culinary classes.
Other Programming:
RFS, SHINE, and Revolution Foods look forward to partnering this year to enhance parent outreach and nutrition education through Parent Nights and cooking demonstrations.  
RFS Chefs in Schools instructors for 2011-2012 are 
Chef Ellen Schwartz  
Chef Addie D'Agostino (Relish Fine Foods)
Chef James Ashley (Pure Catering)
Chef Dagan Lynn (Westin Memorial)

Chefs Advisory Board Members who have volunteered time at KIPP
Chef Ellen Schwartz, Cooking with Chef Ellen

Volunteer Activities and projects

Summer 2010: RFS selects KIPP Shine as a Showcase Campus
September 2010: Programming begins with 2nd grade students 
2nd grade students submit garden design drawings through their art class to contribute ideas to the overall garden design.
October 2010:  GE Hands on Houston grant funds and provides a team of volunteers to build an 8 bed garden at the entrance of KIPP Shine's campus.  The RFS Team managed the build and SHINE Administration, faculty, staff, families, were all in attendance to participate in the build.
December 2010: 1st Annual Favorite Holiday Food Festival and Journalism Contest Project
August 2011: KIPP Shine school lunches are now provided by Revolution Foods
September 2011: A  new team volunteer chefs adopt the 2nd grade classes through the Chefs in SchoolsTM program

KIPP Shine Recipe Garden: is situated at the main entrance of the elementary school and consists of 8 raised garden beds and several beds dedicated to native plants.  The garden has a lovely trellis marking its entrance and is a welcoming sight to all who attend and visit the campus.
Wellness Committee: Our Wellness Committee is actively considering organized participation in several neighborhood "fun walks."  We continue to partner with CanDo to encourage promoting health and fitness at a community level.

We know our message is getting through in part because: of how SHINE augmented the RFS Food Journalism Contest into the 1st Annual Holiday Food Festival, an event that brings together children and their families in celebration of their unique culture, traditions, and food.  Each 2nd grade student created a project on their traditional family holiday dish, designed a multimedia presentation, and the dish to share. This festival has now become a SHINE tradition. 

Chef Kendall's Update: 
 The students of KIPP Shine are some of the most enthusiastic and team oriented learners I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.  They always come to class eagerly anticipating what they will experience that day, be it cooking or gardening. When a student is called up to the front of the class to help with a demonstration, their classmates always clap for them, which further emphasizes their sense of team spirit.  
Our Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education ™ program thrives at KIPP Shine because of the
wonderful support the program receives from the administration, faculty, and staff. The garden build was truly amazing.  Many of the teachers, students and family members participated, as well as Ms.Shifrine, SHINE's ever supportive School Leader. It was a fun and eventful day for all. On any given day, we see classes of all grade levels engaged in the outdoor classroom and learning in the garden
This year, the RFS team will be cooperating with the science team in each grade to offer lesson ideas and support through our program lessons and material.  We know that the KIPP Shine Recipe Garden will continue to be a learning tool for the entire school.  In 2nd grade, we will be directly correlating our lessons with the STEM Science curriculum to provide the students enhanced hands-on learning opportunities to apply their knowledge in a variety of learning environments.