Farmer Training Programs at Hope Farms

IMG_1956.JPGHope Farmer Training is committed to expanding the ranks of successful urban micro-farmers in our country, especially on the Gulf Coast. Our hands-on curriculum is comprised of horticulture, crop planning, enterprise and supply chain management, farm accounting, marketing and business planning, which is designed to introduce students to urban farming and prepare them to operate a profitable business. We offer several learning tracks to select from:

FROM WARRIORS TO FARMERS: Our nation has a long history of welcoming our troops home and bringing them back into a life where they can work and study out of harm's way. This unique 2,000-hour training program is designed and offered only to military Veterans. With federal funding from the USDA, qualifying Veterans can earn a full scholarship and stipend to train as a farmer at Hope Farms. To better meet a Veteran's needs, there are two options available:

1) join a cohort that requires completion of training hours within one year (approximately 40 hours per week).

2) enroll in a part-time program allowing 2 years to complete training hours (approximately 20-hour per week schedule of nights and weekends.)

The training stipend is $13/hour with merit-based incentives that can add up to equivalent of $17/hour. Graduates of the program may qualify for the Hope Farms business incubator program, offering advice and support in land acquisition, growing crops, small business management, as well as access to our supplies and equipment co-op, helping to market and distribute crops. If you are ready for the challenge and satisfaction of growing and providing nutritious food to our community. VETERANS APPLY HERE

What's Next for our Trained Farmers? If they want to become urban farm entreprenuers, veterans who complete our training may apply for our business incubation program. The Recipe for Success Team will help qualifed participants access land to start their own business and mentor them as they grow their enterprises. Participants in the incubator program will be invited to join Hope Farms Co-op, a support program including advice and counsel, organic growing classes, access to equipment, co-op branding and distribution of their products throughout the city.

Our Warriors to Farmers Veteran training program is generously supported by grants from the USDA, UnitedHealth Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, ClifBar Family Foundation, New Belgian Ale and Mahindra USA.

GROWING URBAN FARMERS: Not a veteran, but dreaming of becoming an urban farmer? We offer a 12-week, 100-hour program as an introduction to urban farming. Spend 8 hours a week, in a combination of formal instruction and field study, learning the basics of urban farming. The hands-on opportunity will help you decide whether or not you want to pursue urban farming as a career or avocation. Classes for registered students begin at 9:00 a.m. on the first Saturday in October, January, April, or July (skipping national holidays.) Applications considered on a first-come basis. Fee $2,400. Scholarships of up to 40% are available based on demonstrated need. REGISTER HERE