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In the heart of Houston's historic Sunnyside neighborhood--in view of downtown skyscrapers--Hope Farms is in the midst of one of the city's largest food deserts. Our Hope Farm team:

  • Trains U.S. Veterans to become urban farmers, incubate their new micro farm businesses and provide them with coop marketing and distribution services to ensure their success;
  • Operates an on-site farm stand distributing produce to the neighborhood;
  • Provides jobs and internships for neighborhood youth;
  • Hosts field trips and Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ programs for children and their families;
  • Operates the Rolling Green Market to deliver healthy, affordable produce to folks who need it most.

Recipe for Success Foundation purchased 7.58 acres for the farm in April 2016.  We continue to fundraise to retire our remaining $75,000 mortgage, which is due December 31, 2016.

We are grateful for any level of your support, whether it is $25 or $200,000!

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