JerryShawn.jpgJerry Shawn, Angela's Ovens

Chef Jerry Shawn started his cooking career about 15 years ago when he was stationed in California.  He was in the marines, and while he was off one weekend, he passed by a garage sale and bought a lot of old cook books for about 2 dollars.  He learned that he really took to Italian food, mostly pizza, and began working part-time at a local Italian restaurant.  He attended weekend courses at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and found he really did not like cutting carrots and other vegetables in little squares with fancy names.  The walls of the institute were made of glass and Chef Shawn spent much of his time in class watching bread bake across the hall.  At that point, Jerry knew he wanted to be a bread baker.  When his enlistment was up, Chef Shawn was honorably discharged and made his way to Houston.  He attended a few classes at HCC and did a lot of free work for some Houston restaurants.  He found the adjustment to be difficult, but challenging. Eventually Jerry started his own family bakery in Houston called Angela's Oven, named after his wife, Angela. Angela's Oven sells to many local restaurants and farmers markets and Chef Shawn could not be happier.