James Ashley, Bare Bowls
Texas-based newcomer Chef James (born James D. Ashley) would be best described as a multi-faceted culinary talent with an uncanny ability to connect with a diverse clientele hungry for fresh and unique food.
Along with being a personal chef/caterer, Chef James is self-taught in the way of macrobiotics, raw cuisine and nutrient analysis. He is host of STEEL competition, in the process of developing healthy drinks and snacks with plans to open a restaurant of his own innovative design and concept within the next year and a half. Chef James has already drawn the interest of several investors and this interest is only expected to grow. Chef James discovered a passion sourcing and cooking foods locally grown and raised while growing up in a rural South Texas town, where ranches and farms are plentiful but bright city lights are far and few. Working in a local butchers market, he learned the art of butchering meat and seafood fabrication at the age of 16, subsequently realizing his calling to become a Chef. He acquired the necessary capital between 18 and 20 years of age by working natural disaster relief programs throughout America. 
He then moved back to Texas to attend the Art Institute Houston. Striving to become the best, James stayed focused. His approach to school, work, culinary competition and martial arts kept him well balanced and on track to accomplishing his goals. Searching to offer solutions for healthier food options for everyone lead Chef James to the creation of PURE CATERING. PURE CATERING sources all produce and proteins from local farms and ranches that practice sustainable production methods, forever staying committed to progressive healthy cooking techniques with a style James calls native global cuisine.