garth_blackburn2.jpgGarth Blackburn, Wolf/Sub-Zero

Garth started his culinary adventures by eating his way through Europe as a member of the U.S. Cycling Team. After hanging us his clips, he started a catering company and focused on high profile events for discerning customers.

He took a break from catering to attend Ai Culinary Institute while working at acclaimed Zula in downtown Houston during the peak of New American cuisine. He continued on to award-winning Trevisio where the focus was Modern Italian fare.

Further travels and eating throughout Central America and Asia, fueled Garth's desire to own his own business, so he started a private chef and catering company. He experienced quick success and was soon cooking for NBA players, Fortune 500 CEO's, and politicians. 

When he was offered an opportunity to teach cooking at  Sub Zero - Wolf's new Houston showroom, Garth jumped on it. "I couldn't be more fortunate to be able to cook with the best equipment in the industry. With SubZero/Wolf, I get the best of both worlds." He now travels and teaches for Sub Zero /Wolf throughout the Southern U.S.