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Getting Kids to Eat Healthy..

Jenna White
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HoustonMatters-IronChef.jpg"A few months ago we had a discussion about efforts to get kids to eat healthier. And while there are many programs and efforts within schools to teach kids where their food comes from - by doing things like starting a small garden on the school grounds - not all those programs take the next step and teach the kids what to do with those healthy ingredients once they have them.

So we sent Houston Matters' Michael Hagerty out to see a program called Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ from the local non-profit Recipe for Success Foundation, which teaches Houston-area kids how to cook healthy meals, all while incorporating some elements of a popular reality cooking competition show..."

Listen to the segment by Michael Hagerty of KUHF's Houston Matters: "Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Includes Teaching Them to Cook".

Trouble listening? Hear the podcast on the Houston Matters page here.

Happy Campers on the Hunt

Jenna White
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This week kicked off our first week of Eat This! Summer Camp at RecipeHouse. Campers cook, garden and learn about nutrition and food marketing, applying their new knowledge through hands-on lessons and even creating their own food.

One of their favorite activities? Spending time in our garden hunting for insects!

CampCollage-InsectHunt.jpgLearn more about Eat This! Summer Camp and how to sign up your adventurous food and garden explorers here.

Wine & Food for Good

Jenna White
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Bruliam Wines will join Chef Monica Pope at Sparrow Bar + Cookshop on Tuesday, June 24, for a four-course dinner with exclusive wine pairings.

Bruliam Wines is a boutique producer of vineyard designated wines. They source their fruit from California's finest vineyards to provide world-class wines. Then they donate 100% of those profits to the charities that you choose. If you're lucky enough to live your dream, it's most satisfying when everyone shares the harvest.

For this special event, Bruliam Wines will be auctioning off two large format bottles (1.5 L).  Auction profits will be matched up to $500, with all funds donated to Recipe for Success Foundation.

Curious about Bruliam Wines? Find out more about their unique nonprofit wine concept here.

Learn more about the event and purchase tickets for the sure-to-be fabulous dinner here.

RFS Loves Greenling!

Jenna White
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GreenlingSpotlight.jpgGreenling Founder and Cookie Monster Mason Arnold chats with Recipe for Success Foundation at RecipeHouse about why Greenling loves supporting our programs. Their mission to support local farmers and food producers and to help connect their customers with fresh, quality, local food makes them a terrific match with Recipe for Success. Their team provides much of the produce for our full calendar of RecipeHouse classes, camps and chef dinners, as well as for special events and community outreach activities. We are grateful to have such a fun and gung-ho partner to help us GROW our message and programming! Thank you, Greenling!

Having trouble viewing? Watch this video and more on our YouTube channel.

Worm Composting with Kids!

Jenna White
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Recipe Gardens Coordinator Justin Myers and Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ students at MacGregor Elementary built a vermiculture bin, or worm composter, to create nutritious compost to nourish the plants in their edible garden. Once the bin is built and worms are added, simply feed them food scraps to produce sustainable compost.

Watch how simple this project is, and then grab supplies and do it with your own kids for!

Trouble viewing? Watch this In Our Garden video and others on our YouTube channel.