Veggies Still In Third Place

Gracie Cavnar
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food patterns.pngNPD Group, a market reaseach firm, recently released data showing that Americans are eating more fruit and drinking fewer carbonated beverages at home.  Of the five types of foods they measure--sandwiches, carbonated soft drinks, fruits, vegetables and milk, fruit climbed from #5 to #2 over the last ten years.  Veggie consumption remains stuck at #3.  And we know that for Americans, that vegetable is typically french fries.

Harry Balzer, an NPD spokesman, suggestd that since fruit requires little or no preparation and is self contained, it's easier to eat--just like a sandwich, the number one food.   "[The sandwich] is the number one food eaten at lunch; the number one main dish at dinner (hamburgers and hot dogs are included), and it's the fastest-growing breakfast food," Balzer says.

Although people care about their health, according to Balzer it's not the number one factor influencing their food choices. People are creatures of habit and their current eating habits have the greatest influence over their meals.  After that, "it's really a tossup between cost and convenience -- both are important," he says. "We like to try new versions of products we already know."

So, veggie sandwiches anyone?

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