Cooking up fun with Chef Ruffy!

Jenna White
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Chef Ruffy-Group-cropped.jpgThis summer RecipeHouse has been alive with activity during five week-long sessions of Eat This! Summer Camp. During the week of hands-on culinary and gardening activities, campers learn how to grow, prepare, enjoy and even market a variety of fresh and tasty dishes with our professional chef and garden instructors. Campers have enjoyed learning from volunteer chefs from Houston restaurants, including the engaging chef Ruffy Sulaiman.

chef ruffy-nuggets.jpgEach week, Chef Ruffy has taken an afternoon out of his wildly busy schedule as executive chef for Hilton Americas-Houston to volunteer time with our young cooks to create a kid favorite - chicken nuggets! Chef and campers created wholesome versions by using breast meat, and experimenting with different breadings (whole-wheat panko bread crumbs and corn flakes) and homemade dipping sauces (ketchup and pesto) and baking, instead of frying, the snack.

chef ruff-demo.jpgThanks, Chef Ruffy, for sharing your culinary wisdom for campers will carry with them during future food adventures!

At RecipeHouse, we host a full calendar of camps and classes for chefs and foodies of all ages. Learn more here or visit our Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities. 

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