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Gracie Cavnar
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Austin Invite.pngOur friends at Farmhouse Delivery whipped up wonderful party plans at Rain Lily Farm to celebrate the publication of Eat It! Food Adventures.  We are doing it again in the spring of 2013.  Gather the kids and plan to join us.  Reserve your tickets HERE (additional child tickets available at the door), or RSVP with your Farmhouse Delivery Form.

November Volunteer of the Month: Evelyn D'Hooghe

Lauren Ballard
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Evelyn D'Hooghe.pngEvelyn grew up in Belgium, famous for its chocolate, beer, and French fries. She moved to the United States with her husband five years ago and fell in love with crawfish and Houston's multi-cultural cuisine. She recently graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and is now a certified holistic health counselor in the process of establishing her own business. Evelyn intends to focus on helping people "reconnect with their body and environment using food and lifestyle changes." Evelyn describes her clientele base as "people who are ready for a change and who realize that diets don't work."

Part of settling into a city and making it feel like home is settling into the community. Evelyn, interested in turning Houston into her home, sought out community events and involvement, which eventually led her to Recipe for Success: "I spoke with a former volunteer at an art fair, and then I saw an RFS booth at Food Day in Houston Downtown. I immediately signed up!" Evelyn volunteers with Recipe for Success because it is the ideal way to give back and connect with the community. By volunteering with RFS, she is also better able to understand how small organizations fight national issues, such as childhood obesity. In addition to all this, "it's just fun to do, especially when you see the kids loving the cooking and gardening." One of her favorite parts of the culinary class is when all the students shout "bon appetite" before enjoying the meal they made.

When she is not volunteering with Recipe for Success or helping others "reconnect" through food and lifestyle changes, you can find Evelyn doing one of the following: socializing, dancing salsa, practicing yoga, playing the djembe, biking, cooking, discovering new foods, gardening, or traveling. Evelyn has toured the United States, Europe and Latin America. She hopes to explore and Asia and Africa in the near future.