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Recipe for Success Leads the Lets Move Charge in Houston

Gracie Cavnar
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May 11, 2010   Today, The "Let's Move" Presidential Task Force to End Childhood Obesity will release a report outlining how a public-private partnership will eliminate childhood obesity in a generation.  


Recipe for Success Foundation (RFS) is proud to announce that today's report reflects the Foundations's best practices and track record of success in Houston.  As a result, RFS is being encouraged to take its effective Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ school-based programs to scale on a national basis.



"We know there is a direct connection between good diet & exercise and increased learning in the class room," Said U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. "We're seeing some impressive efforts in Houston and I look forward to watching them grow."

Recipe for Success Students from Rodriguez Elementary prepared lunch for Secretary Duncan and his staff during their recent visit to Houston.

"We are delighted that the administration understands the importance of synergy among all stakeholders and change agents to combat this life threatening epidemic." said Gracie Cavnar, Recipe for Success Foundation Founder and CEO.  "We look forward to working with each group to strengthen our efforts in Houston and to bring our program to communities across the country,"


The Task Force's 70 recommendations can be broadly summarized in five categories of action: getting children a healthy start in life; empowering parents and caregivers; providing healthy food and nutrition education in schools; improving access to healthy affordable food; and getting children more physically active.


Recipe for Success Foundation's Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ begins with parents of young children, teaching them healthy, affordable recipes for baby's first foods.  Then RFS goes on to teach nutrition and good habits to 4-11 year old children with hands-on lessons in the garden and kitchen.   Recipes and guidelines are sent home for the entire family to share.  The RFS Chefs Advisory board works with school food service providers across Houston to enhance the appeal of lunch menu items that deliver good  nutrition.   


RFS is finalizing Hope Farms™, a 100 acre organic farm developed with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  Hope Farms™will be the largest urban farm in the world, and generate significant food crops in the midst of one of Houston's recognized "food desserts."  It will feature an on-site Farmer's Market as well as a rolling green market to deliver affordable produce directly to neighborhoods marooned in surrounding "food deserts."   Hope Farms™ will provide community farm plots and market growing business incubation as well as jobs for urban youth, and on-site nutrition education for all ages.