Molly Kaminski
Chief Operations Officer

Molly Kaminski-Bio.pngChef Molly joined Recipe for Success as a part-time teacher in August 2008 shortly after moving to Houston.  She quickly immersed herself in the local food culture through her work with Chef Monica Pope as a Plum Easy catering chef and vendor for Pope at various farmers markets.

Molly so enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm for healthy, local, and fresh food with students on a daily basis through her role as an educator with the Foundation, that in 2009 she became a full-time staff member and the Culinary Director.  She assumed responsibility for the management and oversight of the entire culinary program while maintaining a robust teaching schedule at Gross and MacGregor Elementary schools without batting an eye. 

In 2010 Molly was promoted to Director of Operations and besides maintaining oversight of all our moving parts, is focused on the roll out of our S2P Instructor Training and Certification Program, which will underpin the national rollout of our signature Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ to communities from coast to coast.  

Molly hails from California, where her love of food and cooking took root.  While working towards a BA in Business and Psychology from the University of the Pacific, she was known as the resident foodie, frequently hosting cooking classes at her sorority, catering local events and cooking for private clients.  Her passion led her to culinary school at the Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen Academy, where she was a member of the Escoffier Honors Club and Valedictorian of her class.  After graduating, Molly established a private chef business.  

She is a member of the Houston Culinary Guild and Les Dames d'Escoffier International (LDEI). Molly has served in several leadership roles with the Houston Chapter of LDEI, including Green Tables Chair (2009), Co-President (2010-2012), Programs Co-Chair (2012-2013), and Advisor to the Board (2013-2014).

"Through my work with Recipe For Success, I have been able to see firsthand how connecting children with their food creates lasting impressions and endless curiosity about what they eat.  These experiences will keep them asking questions about their food for a lifetime.  The more we can encourage that the healthier and more well informed our future generations will be."

If you are a professional chef and want to join the Chefs Advisory Board, drop Molly a note.  She would be thrilled have you on the Recipe for Success team!