Justin Myers
Chief Agricultural Officer

Justin Myers-Bio.pngJustin moved frequently throughout his youth, which fostered a love of the outdoors as he adapted to interesting new places and people.  Whether it was exploring the woods, camping with his sisters or helping his mom with plants and landscaping, Justin enjoyed the openness and inherent possibilities of nature.  His study of Studio Art and Environmental Management at  Indiana University only served to enhance his outdoor passions.

After graduation, Justin found his way south to the Houston ISD Outdoor Education Center in Trinity, TX.  There he worked with fifth grade students, giving them an opportunity to encounter nature first-hand.   He particularly enjoyed teaching and the power of exposing kids to new ideas through experiential education.  Justin ultimately managed the school farm with a special emphasis on the garden.  There he sought to create a space that not only exposed kids to the joys of gardening and fresh food but also one that inspired curiosity and imagination.  His ideology was based on beauty and function. Through organic practices, vertical gardening, artwork, vermicomposting, rainwater collection and a diverse range of plants, the enriched environment he provided promoted learning and creativity. 
Justin feels that Recipe for Success encompasses his passions of gardening, teaching and the positive components of food and nutrition.  The Texas transplant particularly enjoys the year-round gardening available in Texas as well as the diverse population with its multitude of tasty food establishments.  When not gardening or cooking, Justin enjoys hiking, music, reading and meeting interesting people who are passionate about what they do.