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Recipe for Success Foundation has developed an innovative selection of after school classes that feature cooking and gardening. Classes are tailored to specific age groups in order to best enhance their learning experience. Delivery models vary from weekly two-hour sessions presented in 9-week rotations, to daily, two-hour classes extending throughout the school year.

Eat This!™ and Kids Dig It!™ after school classes can be a part of any elementary school's wellness programming in two ways: Series can stand alone as an opportunity to introduce our Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ healthy eating lessons to a student body; or they can further develop students' cooking and gardening skills as a complement to RFS programming that is already integrated into the regular school day.

Our grade-specific classes are: Snacks 101 for Kindergarten & 1st graders, Beginning to Cook for 2nd graders, Pasta and Pizza for 3rd graders, Jr. Master Gardening for 4th & 5th graders and Dinner Club for 5th graders. The RFS Eat This!™ marketing class for 5th graders can also be presented as an after school program.

Eat This, Baby!™ was designed as an after-school program especially for young mothers of infants and toddlers to get their children off to a healthy start from the moment solid foods are introduced.

Now these signature RFS after school classes are available with open enrollment at RecipeHouse. Call 713-520-0443 for details or see our calendar for schedule of classes.