Becoming involved in Recipe for Success as a donor is more than a "feel good" enterprise, you can have a direct effect on the lifelong health of the next generation--our future workforce and brain trust.  If left unattended the costs to our system will soon outstrip our ability to deal with the fallout, and guarantee a generation that will not outlive its parents.

Whether you seek hands-on opportunities for your employees, high profile branding associated with a winning strategy, or simply want to make sure you are doing your part in this battle; we have an underwriting program for you.


Gracie Cavnar
Founder, Recipe for Success

Large Gift Opportunities - A Chance to Really Stir Things Up

Sponsor one Showcase School's Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ program or all five schools
Sponsor one Showcase School's Recipe Garden or all five gardens

Adopt an after school class of Eat This!™ Kids Dig It!™ or Eat This, Baby!™ or Sponsor the entire program

Sponsor an Eat This!™ Summer Camp

Cookbook Angel

Endow RFS Culinary or Garden Director

Produce the Eat It! food adventures™ pilot or the entire TV series

Underwrite Hope Farms