At Recipe for Success, we like to have fun while we are doing good, and have always designed our special events to reflect our philosophy of putting people back in touch with their food, by celebrating the best of what our city's finest chefs have to offer.  While our annual fall luncheon is exuberant and thriving with fans, most of our events are small and personal.  No matter the size, great healthy food is at the center of everything we do.

We have seasonal signature events that fans have come to count on:
Blue Plate Special Cafe & Harvest Market,
Dress for Dinner,
We're Cooking Now! A Gala in Small Bites.

Plus a packed schedule of classes and events at RecipeHouse
and a full complement of fun restaurant openings, markets and citywide festivals added in.  We give you plenty of opportunities to DoGoodAndHaveFun!
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