Staci Davis, The Vegan Chef

Staci Davis started cooking professionally when she was sixteen at Kerby Lane CafĂ© in Austin, Texas. She went on to work for four years at the legendary Basil's in Austin, making fresh pasta by hand and putting together the specials and soups for the day. Davis began specializing in vegetarian food in the late eighties after moving to Houston and working for BFD Productions. At that time Davis catered for all of the vegetarian rock stars that came to town under their promotion. 

After a bout with cancer in 1997, Staci became much more interested in the link between health and nutrition and my interest in vegetarian and vegan food grew. She read study after study that linked proper nutrition, adequate fiber, antioxidants and low animal protein to optimal health. Slowly Davis began switching to a vegan diet. Along the way she shared her talents by catering for small gatherings. Davis also taught vegan cooking classes at Janice Blue's Casa Azul and at Whole Foods Market.

Davis started cooking privately for families around 2004 and her business has grown quietly by word of mouth. She continues to read articles and studies linking nutrition to health and is fully versed in special needs diets, such as food allergies, celiac disease and diets for diabetes and high cholesterol.