Kiran Verma, Kiran's

More than eight years ago, Kiran Verma opened the doors to a small restaurant in west Houston, convinced there was a market for her classically prepared Indian dishes.

Little did she know then that not only was there a market for her innovative food, but that she was pioneering a movement to bring her native cuisine to a new level of quality, imagination, and style. In the ensuing years, she introduced Indian food to scores of new people and raised the expectations of how and where it can be served. Suddenly, the passion with which diners in London and cities across Europe expressed for the cuisine found an outlet in Houston.

In 2004, Chef Kiran sold Ashiana and began developing another dream - to create a fine-dining Indian restaurant in the heart of Houston's most competitive restaurant area. In October 2005, their work paid off. Kiran's, a stunningly designed restaurant at 4100 Westheimer, just west of upscale Highland Village shopping center.
Passion fuels Chef Kiran's motivation for her cooking. Considering herself a classic chef at heart, her menu is greatly influenced by the Mughlai style of northern India. But in time her own tastes and techniques have evolved and been personalized, fusing French and American influences and exploring new combinations of spices, herbs, and other ingredients.

Chef Kiran and Dr. Sharma have also taken an unprecedented step for Houston in creating a wine collection of some 300 wines, all carefully chosen to complement the myriad of flavors and complexities of Indian cuisine. The collection has already been praised and recognized by wine lovers, experts, and national publications.