Jon Buchanan-Rounded.pngJon Buchanan, Trevisio Restaurant

Jon Buchanan, executive chef of Trevisio Restaurant in the Texas Medical Center, has distinguished himself in his nearly two decades in the culinary profession as one of the most exciting up-and-coming chefs in Houston.  A native Texan, Buchanan received his culinary credentials from the well-regarded Art Institute of Houston Culinary Program and honed his skills in some of the best restaurant kitchens in the city, including under Robert del Grande at Café Annie, and under the tutelage of French master chef George Masraff, when he opened the eponymous Masraff's on Post Oak.  A few short years later, Buchanan was tapped for his position as executive chef at the Daily Review Cafe in 2001.  There, Buchanan was responsible for the seasonal menus at the popular Montrose-area café known for updated American comfort food.

Buchanan didn't realize his chef's calling until shortly after completing a three-year stint in the military.  Undecided about a new career, he planned to take it easy visiting his brother in Houston.  But things changed quickly. "My brother didn't like seeing me hanging around after I got out of the Air Force," says Buchanan, the now-seasoned executive chef.  "He told me to show up at the bakery and café where he was the manager, and he would find something for me to do.  He put me in the kitchen working as a prep cook.  I had never even been in a professional kitchen in my life and I didn't know what in the world my brother was thinking." 

Buchanan quickly realized that the culinary world would be his calling.  "Right away, I liked the atmosphere in the kitchen.  I picked up the skills quickly and, before I realized it, I was hooked.  I jumped in with both feet and decided to hone my skills at Houston's best restaurants."

Since 2005, Buchanan has led the busy kitchen at Trevisio.  "This is a very difficult profession because it is physically demanding and at the same time artistically challenging," he says.  "But being able to create new dishes, run my own kitchen, pull together a staff that I'm proud of, it's definitely rewarding." 

Buchanan took first place in the 8th annual International Risotto Festival in 2010 with his Risotto al Limone e Granchio: arborio rice with lemon, jumbo lump crab and fresh chives. 

In his free time, he enjoys biking and spending time with his three-year-old son and wife Tammy.