jason-thumb-150x2241.jpgJason Gould, Cyclone Anaya

Chef Jason Gould spent more than twelve years in his native Australia before moving to Austria and finally England, where he worked at London's acclaimed Michelin-rated restaurant, Mirabelle. He moved to New York, working at a number of fine dining establishments before moving to Houston to join Scott Tycer at the restaurant Aires, where he worked as Sous Chef. Less than three years later, Jason and Scott partnered on a new restaurant, Gravitas. Since opening in 2005, Gravitas has received numerous accolades, including being named "Best New Restaurant in Texas" in 2005 by Texas Monthly Magazine. Now Jason is working with the Cyclone Anaya group to develop his own new concept restaurant.  Over the years, Jason has been very generous with his time to help raise money for RFS programming.