JasonChaney.jpgJason Chaney, The Barbed Rose

By the age of 7, Jason Chaney already understood his calling to the culinary arena. At fifteen he volunteered at the Redwood Grill to gain valuable exposure under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Shelly Drought. By seventeen he received his acceptance to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY, where he began his studies in 1999.  

Later that year Chaney made his way to the famous Commander's Palace in New Orleans where he worked various stations under Executive Chef Jamie Shannon as a culinary intern from the CIA.

After completing his Bachelor degree and graduating with honors, Chaney traveled to Europe. He lived and worked in Switzerland and Italy. Upon returning to Houston, Chaney worked for the Houstonioa and at 25 years old, he accepted the position as Executive Chef of the Skyline Bar and Grill. 

In October of 2008, Jason departed from the restaurant scene to fulfill a more personal craving in the ministry field. He soon opened the Bay Area Christian Church [BACC] Pantry Kitchen. Using his professional knowledge and relationships he gave his customers the opportunity to purchase restaurant quality meat and produce for a fraction of the price of typical grocery stores. He used the product passing through his kitchen to help and encourage those who had lost their jobs and were struggling financially as a result of the economic crunch.

Chaney's favorite day of the week however, were those that he would prepare hot food and deliver it into the hands of the Houston homeless community. Over the course of a year Jason was able to develop impactful relationships with some of Houston's most marginalized citizens. These relationships and conversations had a powerful impact on Jason's cultural, community, and financial values. It is his belief that a life lived, loving and serving others is the most profound and rewarding way to live. It's this kind of servant's heart, passion for the professional kitchen, and 15 years experience that Jason now brings to the kitchen of the Barbed Rose Steakhouse and Seafood Co.