clive_berkman1.jpgClive Berkman, Cooking with Clive

Clive's life is like a sumptuous multi-course meal. Along the way he has combined and blended experiences, lessons, disappointments, challenges, triumphs, and joy to create a feast for the senses and the soul. And now he invites you to join him at the table.
In his career as a world class chef and restaurateur, Clive has learned much more than how to prepare mouthwatering meals. He has discovered the power of food to bring people together and create memories that linger long after the table is cleared. Clive calls these "empty bottle moments" and knows that empty bottles tell the best stories. Full bottles speak of possibilities, but empty bottles remind us of the warm and wonderful times we have shared together. 

Clive was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and from a very early age was fascinated with the tastes and aromas of his mother's kitchen. It's also where he began to discover his fondness for the best of flavors. As a six year old, he was hanging out in the kitchen one afternoon as his mom prepared for a dinner party. When she left the room for a moment, Clive discovered a jar of Beluga caviar, took a taste, and loved it so much he ate the whole thing! The rest is culinary history...

Clive now spends his time as a speaker, author, consultant, spice engineer and as a Creator of Empty Bottle Moments.