chris_shepherd1.jpgChris Shepherd, Underbelly 

A desire for knowledge and pastry class initiated the partnership between Chris Shepherd and Charles Clark, partners at Catalan Food & Wine. Shepherd and Clark met while studying at the Art Institute's Culinary Arts program: "I went to my first pastry class and sat next to Charles," says Shepherd, "We've been friends ever since."
After graduation, Chris worked in various local country clubs before he joined anther Art Institute graduate, Randy Evans, at Brennan's. While there, Shepherd worked his way up the ranks from line cook to purchasing agent to fromager before becoming Executive Sous Chef and Wine Guy.
Valuing the essence of fresh ingredients, Shepherd painstakingly resources locally grown foods. "Obtaining local ingredients isn't about convenience," he explains, "It's about getting the best possible quality." Shepherd has received national praise from The Wall Street Journal, Saveur, Food Arts and Wine Spectator.  Chris is the premier customer when our Recipe Gardeners take their produce to market.  "I'll buy it all!" he declares first thing on market day, much to the children's delight.