Kristin Blomquist

kristin-blomquist.jpgKristin is the youngest equity owner and Vice President of Masterson Advisors LLC, a public finance firm which helps communities all over the States of Texas and Florida with their capital planning goals, advises on the financing of public projects and infrastructure, assist with refinancing of public debt and commercial paper. She received her BBA in finance from Baylor University in 2010, and started her career at First Southwest Company in 2009 as an intern where she then continued her career to Vice President in 2018. In the spring of 2018, she and her fellow owners started their own firm Masterson Advisors LLC.

Kristin has been exposed to Recipe for Success thanks to her mother, Karen Garcia, who has served on the Board for nearly a decade. Kristin is also on the Executive Council for the Texas Women in Public Finance. Kristin and her husband, Aaron, have two children - Isabelle (4) and Stire (2). In her off time, she enjoys being outdoors with her children as much as possible and passing down her love of fishing, hunting, and gardening.