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hf.jpgHope Farms, a crown jewel in Recipe for Success Foundation's efforts to change the way children understand, appreciate, and eat their food, stands proudly at the intersection of Airport Blvd. and Scott St., just a stones throw from downtown Houston. The seven acre farm, which occupies the old Carnegie Vanguard High School campus, is located in the heart of the community within blocks of Woodson Middle School, Worthing High School and the Kipp Sunnyside campuses. Sunnyside happens to be one of Houston's largest food deserts where it is difficult for families to buy affordable and good-quality fresh food. Hope Farms bridges this gap by growing produce such as fresh greens, beans, letucces, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, herbs and fruit and selling it to neighbors at the onsite farm stand. Eventually Hope Farms will grow more than 190,000 pounds of fresh, healthy produce every year. It offers discounted prices for members of the community at the farm stand, and the Rolling Green Market, delivers fresh produce to families throughout Houston, making distribution of local, affordable food a city wide effort,.

Besides growing nutritious and good quality food Hope Farms provides jobs and internships for neighborhood youth and training for military veterans to become urban farmers, and hosts field trips, cooking and gardening classes for students and families. This past Wednesday was a perfect example, when students from Rodriguez Elementary visted the farm. They learned how it functions, and afterwards wrote haikus about what they had seen, smelled, and touched. After they learned how it was grown, the students finished up with a healthy snack prepared with the produce they helped harvest!

Hope Farms is working to build a strong presence within the entire community and extend its influence and benefits throughout the region. The Farm grows more than produce. In the fall, it will launch a robust schedule of cooking and gardening classes and farm events to give everyone a chance to learn more about where their food comes from, and how to prepare delicious, healthy meals from seasonal produce.

Here at Recipe for Success, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve our mission of mobilizing the community to provide healthier diets for families by changing the way we think about and eat our food. Hope Farms has given us a wonderful new platform that we hope the entire city will embrace, celebrate and enjoy.

To learn more about how to buy fresh Hope Farms produce, to volunteer at the farm or to visit with your group, email Justin@recipee4success.org

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