March Volunteer of the Month

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Suzanne3.jpgFormer winner of the Recipe for Success Foundation Golden Whisk Volunteer of the Year award, Suzanne Williams, is our 2016 March Volunteer of the Month! We sat down with Suzanne at our office, where she generously shares her time and talents, to ask her a few questions:

What sparked your interest to volunteer with Recipe for Success?  
I had recently retired and was looking for a volunteer opportunity that combined a passion, healthy food, with a big issue in America today, childhood obesity.

How long have you been volunteering and at what locations?  
I think I began volunteering at Recipe for Success Foundation in the fall of 2012. I'm usually at the office but enjoy helping out at the evening events and the annual luncheon too.

What keeps you coming back week after week? What are your favorite things to do or experience when you are volunteering?  
I keep coming back because I believe in the cause, enjoy working with the great group of people in the office, and am made to feel useful.

What does volunteering bring to your life outside of your volunteer work?  
Volunteering makes for a more balanced life. It feels good to donate time and effort to others.

Do you have a favorite memory / story thus far? 
While working at the social events, it's gratifying to see all these people take time from their busy days to support the mission of Recipe for Success. I've seen supporters show up during heat waves and rain storms. 

It's Recipe for Success Foundation's 10th Birthday: where would you like to see the organization in another 10 years?
I'd like to see Recipe for Success Foundation programs in every state in 10 years as well as childhood obesity rates declining.
What are some ways that you enjoy contributing to Recipe for Success' mission to combat childhood obesity?  
I feed my own child healthy foods, I donate time and money, and I spread the story of Recipe for Success whenever I can to friends and acquaintances.   

Was there a particular experience in your life that shaped your attitudes towards food and nutrition in a positive way?
I'm lucky. I prefer healthy food to unhealthy foods (most of the time!) and enjoy trying out new recipes on my family. Plus I married a man who is a passionate marathon runner and whose goal is to run all 50 states. He wouldn't get very far with that goal if we didn't eat nutritious foods.   

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